Monday, March 10, 2014

The Hats I Love

Changing hats is what I do often. Pretty much every day.

By hats I mean responsibilities, job positions, or "titles".

Let me explain.

On a typical weekday, morning begins with mom being up by 6:00 to wake the boys who need to be on the bus by 7:10.

 Once the boys have gone, hubby, Jesse, (Jesse, our youngest son, is home-taught) & I have tea together, followed by maybe an omelette or a smoothie.

 Jesse never tires of scrambled eggs. With ketchup. Don't forget the ketchup.

This is a great way to start the day, together, planning our priorities, must-dos, schedules, etc.

Before 9:00 I go over school work with Jesse, making sure that he can work independently until about 10:00 when I'll check in with him  next.

Mornings, between 8-10, you can find me packaging & shipping items from our online business that husband & I operate out of our garage.

After my packages have been set in the foyer for the postman to pop in for pick-up, (which is about noontime) I head inside to check on the kiddo.

Recess lasts from 10:00-10:15, then it's back to the books. Jesse's school desk, bookshelf, & work area is situated right next to my own work area. This makes it ideal, mostly, for me to go along with my day as an artist.

By artist I mean my love for making a variety of jewelry, maybe finishing sewing a handbag project, or transferring a beading pattern onto my loom.

Noon calls for lunch which is my fave time for leftovers, if Mr. Bond is in the mood, otherwise he'll drum up something for himself. Usually there are no complaints from Jesse.

I absolutely love after lunchtime when the critter Jesse, & I take turns reading to each other. Sometimes I'll allow myself to nod off for a few minutes while he reads. Hey, I firmly believe in power naps.

But, yeah, reading together is such a joy then maybe a brief discussion about what we've read, which has lead to so many great conversations.

Two o'clock signals the end of the school day & usually time to lay aside my own projects.

I have about an hour & a half before the school bus dumps off the rest of the critters, so maybe I'll fix an egg salad for a snack.

Computer work loading product profiles/updating inventory & so on, until mayhem hits as the boys come bounding through the door.

If it's summer or fall & we're talking the boy's sports schedules. Oh. My. Word. It's pretty much time to pack into the van for an afternoon of two different football practice schedules, a soccer practice, or ultimate disc match.

This can be madness trying to keep up with who where & when they need to be picked up who will have to wait a little bit as one parent or the other drives across town. And maybe a stop for ice cream later to make up for having forgotten to get a certain kid. It has happened, sorry to say.

Wintertime afternoons are much more casual, working at home indoors. Evenings with the guys, working on projects, or snuggled up watching our favorite tv shows.

Lately, I've been feeling the desire to go out on an afternoon snowshoe hike. Our back forty offers a nice hike through the woods, & with a little more sunshine I don't feel quite the inclination to continue to hibernate.

In which case, I'll don pretty much the only hat I own...

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