Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mani~ Spring Elegance in Purple & Gold

I am a pretty big fan of Sally Hansen as you'll come to know. Fast drying, long wearing, & always fabulous colors to inspire every season & occasion.

Along with office work for the business, boxing & shipping, I cook & take care of a house filled with five guys my hands are washed many, many times a day. The wear & tear that my finger tips are exposed to it's a wonder that I can even grow fingernails.

When I find a nail polish that doesn't chip after 4-5 days of what I put my nails through I know I've found a good thing.

Anyway, yeah, I do occasionally find time to do a self mani. Nothing fancy like cuticle trims or anything like the treatment you'd get at a nail salon. Just the basics.

 Basics like hurriedly swabbing on some color then hope that you don't have to use the bathroom. Is it me or does everyone with fresh nails hate to unzip your jeans?

Lately, I've enjoyed adding a contrasting color to the tips.

My mom-in-law shared with me recently that her mother, back in the day, used to color her nails & then highlight the 'moon' at the base of the nail. This was fashionable for the time.

Have you heard of or seen this style of mani. I may just try it sometime...